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about us

We are a team of skilled advertising, marketing, tech and finance professionals, culled from the cream of the crop of each industry. We work together to build a singular experience that is as close to each perspective’s ideal as possible.

Bnology was founded in 2015 with the mission of changing the landscape in finance, and have succeeded spectacularly thus far. Our offices are located in the center of the modern world: Hong Kong, where we’re working around the clock to advance the frontiers of advertising for some of the world’s most influential companies.

What can bnology create for you?

Smart brands are always changing, growing and searching for new audiences to serve. Bnology helps smart companies run even smarter, by targeting new avenues for growth and quickly adapting a strategy that spurs success, and sustains it.

our clients

Our area of expertise, and accordingly most of our client base, are leaders in the world of money. We work ceaselessly to carve niches,increase competitiveness and spread awareness of regulated brokers, financial houses and investment institutions alike. Bnology builds the support upon which some of the world’s biggest reach even greater heights.

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